Frequently Asked Questions

What is formal recruitment?

This is the most common way to join a Panhellenic organization.  Held each fall during the first month of classes, potential members will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek into all 3 Panhellenic organizations by attending 3 different parties (September 19th, 21st & 22nd, 2016) that are hosted by each chapter. The goal of these parties is to give you the chance to meet each of the sororities and their members, and for these chapters to meet you. The more parties you attend, the more you will learn about each organization and it will provide you with a sense of which sorority you think would be the best fit. These parties are all open invitation and you encouraged to pre-register (however, it is not required.) Next is Preference (September 25th, 2016) which is an invitational round. You attend a party hosted by each chapter that has extended an invitation to you; there are 3 different rounds of parties for those who are invited to attend by multiple chapters. After Preference comes Bid Day (September 26th, 2016) which is when you find out if you have been extended a Bid to join a chapter and you find out who you new sisters will be. After you receive your bid card, you will celebrate with your new sisters!

Panhellenic Benefits:

The benefits of joining a sorority are endless. Some of them include developing lifelong friendship, having academic support, volunteer opportunities both locally and abroad, travel opportunities, networking possibilities with members all across the world and personal growth and development. Another benefit of joining a Panhellenic organization is the social events with other organizations on campus which includes annual formals, Greek Week (traditionally held in January), fundraisers, tailgates, and mixers.

How joining a sorority is different than other student groups:

The first difference in joining a sorority is that membership is more than four years, it’s for life. Sororities are meant to help you grow and discover new things about yourself, always. Each organization requires each member to hold herself to a higher standard in both her academics and life. Panhellenic organizations focus on scholarship, philanthropy, leadership, sisterhood, and social, so it can seem like you’re receiving the benefits of 5 student groups in one. Every organization has an international office which over sees their group and can offer support and networking possibilities that other student groups cannot offer.

What sororities do:

Sorority members attend weekly meetings, volunteer, plan events, attend formals, raise money for many charities, and attend both sporting events and exchanges. They take part in Greek Week, sisterhoods, timeless traditions and many social events during the year.

Differences and similarities between each sorority: 

The 3 Panhellenic organization on campus have a similar purpose: fostering sisterhood, supporting academics, giving back to philanthropic causes, and developing strong leaders. We all have similar aims, but are unique in our individual members.

Alpha Gamma Delta’s public motto is Live with Purpose.

Alpha Phi’s public motto is Union Hand in Hand.

Alpha Delta Pi’s public motto is We Live for Each Other.

Time commitment:

New member are expected to attend both chapter meeting and a new member class every week leading up to initiation. These meetings will be approximately an hour each, which provides new members with a deep understanding of the organization they are now a part of. The average time commitment works out to 3 hours a week during the school year. Time is spent attending sisterhood and exchanges, volunteering, planning events and attending formals.  The more a member gives to a sorority the more a member receives from a sorority.

Membership after graduation:

Sorority membership is a lifelong commitment. Sorority experience goes far beyond your time spent at university: these girls are you sisters for life. You can stay involved as an alumna by being an advisor for your chapter and taking part in your alumnae chapter. Many organizations have the opportunity to be involved at an international level.

Greek Life on Campus:

There are three sororities and three fraternities on campus. We are a close community and participate in many activities with one another during the academic year.