Go Greek!

What is a Sorority?

A sorority is defined as a women’s student organization that is formed chiefly for service and/or social purposes. However, it offers much more than just membership.  A sorority provides academic enhancement, friendship, development of leadership skills and the opportunity to serve the community. As an international organization, a sorority generates personal and professional growth through networking and participating in other activities well beyond your college years.

Lifelong Friendship

One of the main motivators for joining a sorority is friendship. On a large college campus, finding a group of friends can make a tremendous difference in feeling integrated into school life versus feeling like just another student number. A sorority provides a home away from home with a group of supportive women who will cheer you on and provide encouragement during low times. Sorority women develop at lifelong friendships that continue in spite of distance and time.

Leadership Development

Every woman who joins a sorority will undergo leadership development. It is a natural part of being in a sorority. While a few women will go on to hold highly visible chapter offices, every sister will lead in some area. Committee assignments, recruitment planning and execution, and representing the chapter on campus all provide opportunities to develop public speaking and presentation skills, motivational skills and organizational skills. With the guidance of alumnae, chapter members oversee the budget and running of the house itself, significant responsibilities rarely given to college students in other situations.


Each national sorority has a philanthropy to which all chapters contribute in meaningful ways. Beyond this, Greeks tend to be very service oriented and also participate in other community activities that benefit others. There are multiple opportunities presented each year by both the individual chapters as well as the Greek system as a whole.


Sorority membership definitely provides networking opportunities both during college and beyond. Many leadership positions on campus are held by Greeks and so being Greek opens the door to meeting other leaders and finding avenues for networking. After college, most sororities encourage continued networking. Some have even set up special networking areas on their national website to encourage sisters to assist each other with job searches, relocation needs, etc. Every sorority also has a network of alumnae chapters throughout the country and abroad where sisters from diverse schools come together to enjoy their membership after their college days are over.

Social Activities

Formals, Greek Week, tailgating, mixers, Homecoming, sisterhoods, exchanges, fraternity parties… Greeks love their social events and joining a sorority certainly expands a woman’s social opportunities. Sororities are very creative in offering a variety of social event themes and outlets for fun. Some of these social events involve fraternities and some are only for sisters. In either case, a member has the opportunity to keep her social calendar as full as she desires!